1. When does my Passport expire?

A: Current 2018-2019 passports will expire at the end of July 2019. 

2. Where do I collect my incentives?

A: Incentives are collected at our Trailhead Meetups, which we generally hold once a month at one of the participating breweries. Meetups are announced via our Facebook page.

3. How does the BOGO pint work at a brewery?

A: Your passport book has spots for two stamps to be collected at each brewery. On your first visit you will receive a stamp with the purchase of a pint, flight, package to go, crowler or growler fill. Return to this same brewery on a future date purchase an additional pint and you will receive another pint of equal or lesser value, on that day. Please discuss BOGOs with your server before purchase. BOGOs are at the discretion of the brewery. 

4. How do I find out about the next Trailhead Meetup?

A: The best way is via our Facebook page where we post an event typically a few weeks in advance. Additionally, we notify those subscribed to our e-newsletter. 

5. Why isn't "Brewery X" in the Passport?

A: Purely by choice. Every brewery that was actively brewing and selling beer in the greater Tampa Bay Area is invited to join the program in the spring of every year. As new editions of the Passport are released all breweries (new and old) will be invited to join. If one of your favorites isn't included please let us know and tell them too! Breweries must be open at the time of publication. 

6. "Brewery X" closed, do I still need their stamp?

Breweries that close do not count against your stamp collection.

7. The hours in the book don't match current hours online

Hours may change, so it's always advised to check a brewery's facebook or website before making a long trip. 

When in doubt, give us a shout info@tbbw.beer

Crooked Thumb Brewery - Safety Harbor

Photo Credit: Kurt Brust - First Thru-Hiker

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